Perfect for all occasions

The Sakura is not just fashionable and fun to look at, it's also functional.

With enough room for your iPhone Pro max, Rahui Card Wallet, and other key essentials it won't weigh you down while you run from brunch to drinks or dinner with friends.

A bag made from leaves | @hayaalkhatib review

Take me out, take me anywhere

The Sakura, or Cherry Blossom is known for its magnificent flowers that symbolise renewal and optimism.

With the Sakura Mini Clutch, you'll never have to decide between looking good, feeling good, and doing good.

The Sakura Mini Clutch, your iconic companion for any occasion.

Forget leather. Go Pineapple.

Piñatex Performance has the look and feel of premium animal leather but is made from waste pineapple leaf fibers, not plastic or animal skin.

This high-quality fabric is durable and waterproof. As with all leathers, Piñatex will age beautifully and develop character over time.

More questions? Have a look at our FAQ at the bottom of the page or get in touch.

Black Rahui Clutch on table next to wine glass and plate of vegan foods

Perfect size for going out

I’m enjoying the size of it as it can carry my phone and keys which is great for using in the evening. I really like the look and feel of it. It resembles leather but of course it is not. A great feature is the interior which is light coloured and this makes it easy to find things. Also the fabric is made with a cute pineapple design referring to what it is made out of. I also like the sustainability of it so would purchase other products in this range.

- Sarah S -

Material FAQ's

Vegan leather is a catch all for non-animal ‘leather’ alternatives. Unfortunately this terms has been used by unscrupulous corporations whose materials are made from toxic plastics (e.g. PVC), or other 100% petrochemical materials – many of these can be considered as bad as animal leather from a sustainability perspective. You will see very little details and transparency from these companies about what exactly their material is made of…

The materials we use are not perfect but they are the best that are currently when it comes to impact, ethics and sustainability. Piñatex Performance is not made exclusively from pineapple leaf and it does contain a vegetable based plastics and a very small amount of a petrochemical based REACH compliant PU for durability. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than the alternatives and improving all the time.

We will be producing a full and detailed comparison and explanation of the different materials soon, so sign up to our mailing list be the first to receive this.

The problems with animal leather are well known, beyond the ethical and environmental impact of it being an animal product the environmental impact of the processing and tanning process is significant. A quick google will leave you astonished. Animal leather requires the skin of an animal, the reality is that many animals are reared just for their skin, and even when the skin comes from animals that are reared for other purposes the skin has significant value and is considered a co-product, not a by-product, meaning that the leather is subsidising the death of that animal.

Animal leathers characteristics are well known, whereas plant leathers are newer and so less well know. However based on testing plant leathers should perform as well as animal leather performance wise and are much better from a sustainability perspective.

We will be producing a full and detailed comparison and explanation of the different materials soon, so sign up to our mailing list be the first to receive this.

The different Piñatex materials are between 50% and 72% pineapple leaf waste, this leaf waste would otherwise be burnt so it’s a fantastic input to start with. As well as well as the Pineapple leaf base material Piñatex contains PLA (a vegetable-based material made from corn starch), and a REACH compliant bio-based PU. These two components help to ensure that the our products are durable and long-lasting.

Although we know that the materials we use are much better than the alternatives (particularly animal leather or plastic based vegan leathers) we also know that we are not there yet, and are working closely with a number of material developers to make sure we are always using the most sustainable materials possible – it’s our passion. It’s not perfect, but it’s much better than the alternatives and improving all the time.

Piñatex Performance is a new material so although it has been tested to the highest standards, equivalent to premium animal leather, it hasn’t been around for as many years as animal leather.

You should expect the material to crease over time, as a premium soft leather would, however the surface should remain intact and looking fantastic.

If at any time you have any concerns with how the material is aging get in touch, we promise to find a solution you are happy with.

Material science is always advancing and we will use the best and most sustainable materials available on the market.

You should treat your products as you would any high quality leather product. Use a soft damp cloth to wipe away dirt and dust. See our Product Care for further information.

Woah, I hope you aren’t already thinking about getting rid of the bag before you have even bought it!

The company that manufacturers Piñatex, Ananas Anam, work to the Cradle to Cradle® approach and have various recycling solutions in development to assist in recycling the materials when the time comes.

We know our products will last and be loved for a long time and will have in place a reuse and repurposing scheme (as well as recycling if required) well before any of our products are ready to go that way!

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