Starting conversations about sustainability.

We want you to love the products, we want them to make you think about the choices you make and the impact you have, and we want you to talk about it.

As well as making beautiful Plant-based Vegan Leather products, we also write articles to explain the world of vegan leathers, from PU to Plant-based in our Vegan Innovation Blog.

1. The name

Rāhui is an important concept in New Zealand Maori culture; it is a temporary restriction that is placed over an area, resource or activity to allow it to heal.

A Rāhui can be placed over an area where there has been a death, to show respect and allow the area to heal from the impact of death. It is also used for conservation purposes to allow a scarce resource to recover and regenerate thereby preserving it for future generations.

A Rāhui recognises the impact that people have on the environment and the need to do something about it. To be aware and respectful.


Rahui is pronounced, ra-hu-i (raa-hoo-ee).

2. The story

Born in 2018 from a surprise discovery of a shared passion for sustainability and simple but elegant fashion accessories. Matt and Paul founded Rahui to help reshape the way people think about their impact on the world by creating products with clean, minimalist designs that have a deeper meaning.

Fast fashion isn’t sustainable, the mass production of products to last a season or sit in a wardrobe is not where we want to be. Put bluntly we don’t want our products everywhere, as then we are just contributing to the problem. Our products might be highly sustainable, but the most sustainable product is one that doesn’t exist.

What we want is for our products to have meaning and to be talked about. We hope that people will tell everyone about their Rahui bag and about what it means, and we hope those conversations will make others stop and think. We know that we can have an outsized positive impact by using our products as a way to prompt reflection and change.

Matt and Paul - Co-founders

We know what we stand for and what we want to do

This is just the begining