Three reasons why you will love our products

Premium sustainable materials

Always 100% plant based and always stunning. Rahui uses the most innovative and sustainable materials on the planet. 

Handmade in Italy and the UK

Thoughtfully designed in London and handcrafted to perfection in Italy and the UK by a highly skilled team of local designers and artisans.

Exclusive and limited edition

With limited production runs, each new collection every handmade Rahui accessory is highly sought after and exclusive.

Black Rahui Juniper card wallet with credit card and cash sitting on a green leaf

This wallet is so sleek, I love it!

I can't believe it is made from plants, it honestly looks so much like leather.

I’ve had so many compliments about the pineapple lining - it really makes the wallet stand out and gives it a fun edge. It wears really well and I can really relate to the drive for more sustainability.

I cannot wait for more products - a good sized tote bag in this would look 👌(please). Carry on the great work!

- Laura A