Sustainability is in Rahui’s DNA, it is the reason
for its existence.

But we know that sustaiability is a word that is often thrown about without much substance; easy to say, but hard to embody. So let us tell you the three reasons we mean it:

1. Our materials: plant based, the most sustainable and ethical on the market.

But that isn’t enough.

2. Our approach: minimising our impact through evidence based sustainability.

But that isn’t enough.

3. Our mission: to start conversations about sustainability.

This is where we can really make a difference.

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1. Our Material Difference

Always plant based

We are deeply passionate about the materials we use; both how sustainable they are how good they look. Through our materials alone we are able to have a significantly smaller environmental and carbon impact than any comparable leather product. And without any animals being harmed.

From our plastic free packaging to our innovative plant leathers, we use only the most sustainable and premium materials available; always plant based and always exceptional.


Our plant based leathers:

🍍 Pinatex: Pineapple

🌵 Desserto: Cactus


Our lining:

🌲 Tencel: Sustainable Wood Pulp


But that isn't enough

2. How we approach it

Evidence based sustainability

All business decisions are viewed through the lens the impact has on the environment. At a minimum we strive to have our impact leave no footsteps, however wherever possible we want to make a positive mark, for example:

Our primary material, Piñatex, is made of waste leaves from the pineapple harvest, with twofold benefits. Additional carbon emissions from burning that waste are avoided and pineapple farms get an additional income stream.

We know that sometimes the best course of action counterintuitive, so wherever possible we base our decisions on emperical evidence.

We believe that by leveraging evidence and taking a scientific approach we can ensure that our actions and decisions have the greatest positive impact on the world.


But that isn't enough.

3. The reason we are really here

Starting conversations about sustainability

We know that we won't save the world by making products out of plant based leathers, no matter how sustainable they are. To us true sustainability means both minimising our own impact and using our platform to encourage others to minimise theirs through education and awareness.

This approach is embodied by our name, Rahui, and we think this is where we can really make a difference.

We want everyone who touched Rahui to be prompted to think about their impact and make steps to change, no matter how small. There are many ways in which we should improve and each person may find a different reason compelling, but a large number of small changes can have an immense impact.

So take a moment to think about your impact and what you will do to make a difference today. Don't keep it to yourself. Talk about what sustainability means to you and why it matters.

Replacing your leather bag with one made from pineapple leaves isn't going to change the world, but the fact you are thinking and taking that action is a good first step.

Together we will build a community which will make a difference.

Giving back

Rahui was started to make a genuine difference.

Giving back to charities that are aligned with our values is an important part of having a positive impact on the world so we donate at least 5% of our profits every year.

We are led by our customers so before we select a cause we reach out to all our customers to help us make a choice.

Thanks for your support!

This is just the beginning